Recent work – cost-effective Costco signage

Recent work over on the hand-painted side of Big City!

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Your humble sign painter got a little cost-effective sign painting in today, for Costco Carmel Mountain in the San Diego area. The manager told me their monument sign’s painted letters didn’t match the corporate logo – I can completely understand why it bugged him!

Here is the “before” picture – the “o'” and “s” shapes were wrong in “Costco”, and the “s” was the same odd shape in “wholesale”.


After taking careful dimensions I went back to the shop to prepare. With the proper logo in hand, I created the paper pattern to transfer the design to the monument, to know where to paint – and paint out the malformed letters.

On site, I matched the background color by eye, then painted out the offending letter shapes.


Then, on to painting the client’s correct corporate logo. I also took a moment to refresh all the red, since it’s a color…

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Recent work – painted RAKEN graphic

Sign painter at work! Recent work over on the hand-painted graphics side of things…

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